Ms. Donnelly Reads

"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

Listen, when I tell you I have no idea what I did to get such fantastic and generous people in my corner, I’m being totally straight. When I took on this library project, I knew it’d take a long time to get it just right… It’d grow and change and thrive, it’d just take time.

First, I took on the aesthetic of it this summer with the slash and burn (not really… books are super flammable…). The paint, the weeding, the paint, the organization, the paint, the leveled reading stickers, the paint, the trips to the dumpster… OMG! It really was a love’s labor.

Then, smart and wonderfully generous friends encouraged me to create a book wish list, to which I received almost 200! Yeah, almost 200 books donated!

Another smart and generous friend encouraged me to create a Donors Choose project for new tables and seating for the library. I doubted that $2,000 would be raised before November. Guess what. It was funded by the end of August! The library’s new furniture will arrive sometime in November. Can you freaking believe it?!

There were still numerous things on my list that need to be purchased for the library. Except, when school rolled around, I was broke- because ALL of the upgrades were paid for out my pocket.

And I chatted with my neighbor about what was still left on the punch list (a thing, by the way, that she suggested I create so I didn’t get lost in all of the things that needed to be done). And last week, she and her daughter brought over this gigantic box and told me it was a gift and to open it up. ANOTHER GIFT! It’s truly unbelievable, I KNOW! So, guess what was inside?! STOOLS for the computer tables!! The kids had to stand at the computers, and no one complained, but it is so much better with seating! And they’re ORANGE! Which is amazing because the color lights up the place!

Not a single gift or one ounce of support is lost on me. I am a firm believer in karma. What you put into the world will come back to you. And, when I look around to see what’s been given to me in this process, I cannot help but feel like George Bailey at the very end of It’s a Wonderful Life. No man is a failure who has friends.

When times got dark and life felt like it was crumbling underneath me, I dug in- probably crying and proclaiming I couldn’t do it anymore- and did the thing. On the other side of the tough stuff… This is my pot of gold. Right here. stools

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