Ms. Donnelly Reads

"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

Well… the time has come for the BIG REVEAL!! There are still many things that need to happen and I’ll post those updates once they’re tightened up. I’m working on creating a “donations” section with all of the books that you donated to my library ❤️ thank you to Lisa Balandes Donnelly for painting the bookcases and Maddie Schmidt for giving me so much of your time this summer to paint the walls and bookcases, Dodi Wians and Lisa Komorowski for donating posters from their shop to decorate the tops of the bookcases, Michelle Radice Nelson and Margaret Foggin for encouraging me through the program, Michael Dufner and Tom Barry for urging me to create an Amazon wishlist to bulk up the shelves, Tony Zungrone for hosting the Donors Choose (which was fully funded!!) for new tables and chairs, Mary Lou Rowan-Harrington and Kristin Kramer Dube for the boxes of books, and so many others for every ounce of support and encouragement through this process! I appreciate it more than you know!70155948_10220415498201362_3824123667860684800_n69937458_10220415497881354_4601449917360111616_n69635305_10220415498041358_3403236758551265280_n69349526_10220415497561346_4693399476335804416_n69353643_10220415498561371_3938273607846723584_n69304386_10220415498801377_5554856129344831488_n

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