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"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

The last 25 posts on my Facebook account have me cracking up and really do portray who I am as a human being. Honestly, I try to not post political things because it’s so divisive and my family and I do not agree on politics and I’ve got many friends who are not afraid to comment and take offense to any post I make regarding the state of our government and the complete sham that it is (oh! that’s what I try to avoid on the book of  faces…). All in all, I think you can tell that I love music, my kids, and new hair. My posts are relatively positive and I support friends and family who are starting businesses or fighting for what’s right. Looking back, I’m not sure I do any more or any less than anyone else on social media.

Is it “REAL”? Well, no. Not really. I mean, the love I have for the good stuff is real. My kids are real. But, there’s personal stuff that I don’t smear all over the internet, because it’s not everyone’s business. There are days where I want to throw ALL technology away because it consumes so much of my time and take me away from my children. I can’t get laundry done because I’m doing homework for one class or another. My daughter sat on my lap the other night while I was writing the Side Chat, and asked when I’d be done with my homework because she missed me. I’M SITTING RIGHT HERE AND SHE MISSES ME. That’s the stuff I don’t post on FB. I’m not looking for sympathy or pats on the back. I’m doing this because in order for me to be a better mother, I need to get out of the classroom. There are some people litter the feed with personal problems, political dissension, and general overshares. But, really, who wants to read that crap? I like to keep it light most of the time and I’d like to think that my page is a fun place to visit. Like Forrest Gump says, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

First, I got my hair done and it was SUPER hotsy totsy! And it was BEGGING to posted. That’s the start of my 25 posts.


Personal Photo

Next, in reflection, there are my daily song posts; I’ve been on featuring one artist a week lately. Here are the last few posts from #365MoreSongsWithSarah:


Open Arms

Elton John:

I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tiny Dancer


And then there was a KNOCKOUT performance of Your Song by Lady Gaga that I posted because of my Elton John kick… Sublime!

Bennie and the Jets

Lionel Richie:




You Are the Sun

Running With the Night


Then, in a lame attempt at finding some sucker to get me a Star Wars Valentine Plush Bouquet. They look a little angry, but I feel like, for me, it’s appropriate! LOL!


Star Wars Plush Bouquet – I love you, I know


Also, there was the weather and my sheer exhaustion of it, as well as a Timehop from 4 years where I cussed out Mother Nature.


Photo Credit

2019-02-08_1937 (2)_LI

Personal Photo

And then a post about education: There’s a link to a riveting article from NCTE about how teachers don’t need fancy curriculum, they just need to talk to kids about books and READ books with them. I’ve been saying this for 15 years… But, what do I know? I’m just in the classroom every freaking day with the kids…

Beyond the Stacks: Why High School English Teachers Should Be Talking about Books

My mother is making waves! Briefly: her employer HOBO went bankrupt and everyone was robbed of vacation days and any PTO they were owed. Then, medical bills started coming in. That shouldn’t have happened, because all of the employees paid for the insurance and HOBO was responsible for paying the insurance providers. Except, they didn’t. None of the money the employees paid for insurance was actually paid to the provider. All of that money disappeared. So, my mother, the Norma Rae of her time, decided to start calling around to see if any news outlets were interested in the story. And she found Dorothy Tucker with Channel 2. It’s a terrible story that’s getting a lot of attention. I’ve attached the link to the investigative report.

2019-02-08_1929 (2).png

HOBO Closing Leaves Employees With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Medical Debt

I did two “shout outs” to people who started a side gig or are hosting a painting party.

And, I wouldn’t be a good Facebook mom if I didn’t post my darlings! So, I took down my Carrie Fisher/Harrison Ford FB cover for my children. It was taken at Disney World last year for their 7th birthday. It is, by far, one of my absolute favorites!


Personal Photo

Lastly, I wasn’t sure if people posting to my page counted, so they weren’t counted. But, those, too, were hilarious! So, I’ll add this one as an Honorable Mention! My sister and I love Napoleon Dynamite and there’s this meme that NEVER fails to make me laugh:

2019-02-08_1902 (2).png

Photo Credit 


2 thoughts on “25 Facebook Posts: An Analysis

  1. Nicole says:

    “I’m not sure I do any more or any less than anyone else on social media.” Gosh. This is such an interesting comment. Is this a good thing, just meant as how it was said, or is it something that others may take as a “hey- if everyone else is doing it, why not me”?. Just a curious thought that gave me pause. In all, a very entertaining post! Thanks for the detail- here’s hoping your mom’s story gets some results.


  2. Katy J says:

    One of the most interesting things about this post, for me, is the idea, like Nicole mentioned, of posting any “more or less than anyone else.” I think this is obviously super relative, but to me this is a lot of stuff that is more personal or vocal than I tend to post directly to my feed. To be clear, I have no judgement for you about that, I just think it says a lot about what different people interpret as personal or a lot. Most of what I post are memes – especially memes about human rights (which some might consider political). However, I definitely agree with you that I prefer not to post a lot of my personal struggles. My sister, seemingly, posts every feeling or opinion she has to social media and I think this causes her to focus and obsess on things that upset her. If someone cuts me off while driving and I move on it doesn’t take any more of my headspace. However, if someone cuts me off and then I post about it on social media, I’ll be thinking about it the rest of the day. Also, your children are adorable and twins are such a blessing! My nephews are twins.


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