Ms. Donnelly Reads

"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

Now THIS was right up my alley! I loved this project! Maybe it was because I chose a topic near and dear to my heart- The Hero’s Journey and ANYTHING that brings me close to my beloved Star Wars and Harry Potter I simply cannot refuse.

A few years ago, I taught THJ to my 7th graders and they ate it up. I worked them to the nubs of their pencils with this and no one fought me on it. We dove into movies and other books to explain the journey and the archetypes. Let me tell you that when they figured out they already knew most of what I explained by another name, you could see how excited they were with that confidence!

We workshopped characters, plot points, dialogue, and word choice… not to mention spelling, grammar, and punctuation… I read a lot of their work for content before I started marking the minutiae, which I knew would upset them when they saw it.

So, I chose THJ for this pathfinder because I get to teach it again this year! (Granted, in a gross, scripted program kind of way… but you just watch! I’m gonna fit in what I want somehow…)

It took ALL I HAD to NOT use Pinterest for this project. So, I went with Livebinders because of our reading this week. Of course, I had to watch the intro video a few times to understand the directions… But, once I got started, it was like Pearltree all over again! It was super easy to populate. YouTube had some fantastic short clips explaining the process, the characters, and the meanings behind each step in the journey. It’s not as pretty as Pinterest, but you can’t have it all, I guess…

I’m going to use a few of the clips, probably even the Vimeo clip (if it’s not blocked by my district) to show my students. It’s more fun to watch and listen to the explanation than it is to sit and listen to me drone on about it! Maybe this is where I can figure out how to “flip” my classroom.

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