Ms. Donnelly Reads

"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

Let me tell you that I was ready to take a zero on this assignment… NEVER HAVE I EVER been so ready to quit something before! I’ve been sick this last week, am only half done with my classroom, school starts next week for my kids and me, I haven’t done laundry in days, and there’s no real food in my kitchen because the twins want to start a holy war when I suggest going to Walt’s for a quick second… They know all too well that Walt’s is NEVER a quick second and they hate the grocery store. Well, guess what, kids, I HATE THE GROCERY STORE, TOO AND IF YOU WANT TO EAT, THERE ARE JUST THINGS WE ALL HAVE TO DO THAT WE DO NOT WANT TO DO…

Having said that, I had a moment today where I cried. I found out that we weren’t going to have any time to work on this in class and it simply let out whatever dying bit of helium my balloon had left…

So, I put out an SOS on Facebook asking my more tech savvy friends about how to make this happen. Not too many responded. Shocking? No… I know my friends. That seemed about right… HOWEVER! A teacher friend suggested I try JING because she used it once for a school assignment and never used another website again. So, I went to JING via TechSmith Screencast and watched a few tutorials. Ok… NBD… This may not be as awful as I thought. JING would probably be easy peasy to teach to other educators. After our reading this week, the idea of the “flipped classroom” really took hold of me. JING may be a great way to get the instruction across without having to repeat myself 4 times a day… I think I’m quite witty, but even I get bored listening to myself drone on!

I chose Kahoot as my tech application because I love using it so much! It’s a fun and interactive website that turns learning into games! I know, right?! Super fun! And I went through each step, diligently marking up the pages with directions and arrows- 35 screenshots, btw… And guess what… YOU COULDN’T TURN PICTURES INTO VIDEO! Yup… That’s right… Well… I bet you can guess how much I was hating all of this by now. My kids are telling me that they’re hungry (they can suck it because NO ONE WANTED TO GO TO WALT’S EARLIER!! EAT SOME CEREAL LIKE OTHER KIDS OF NEGLIGENT MOTHERS…)

Back to the drawing board.

So, I decided to just go for it with the video. I had no idea how to edit, so getting a 4 minute clip done in one take took me over an hour… I’m not sure it’s right, but I did give a tutorial on how to work Kahoot using video and a mic.

Tonight I am hoping that it is enough. Because I’ve got nothing left in the tank right now. I’m steeling myself for the 2018/19 school year when I can still smell the chlorine in my hair and on my fingertips, while my nose peels, and the freckles on my milk toast Irish skin hold on as long as they can…

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