Ms. Donnelly Reads

"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

This was a fun, collaborative project! I’m so glad that the women in my group were on board with actual arts and crafts ideas for the makerspace! If you haven’t guessed, yet, I’m not fluent in technology. The moment we sat down to brainstorm, it was magical! We instantly agreed on going with a fairy tale themed set of projects and boiled it down to three distinct ideas: creating a puppet show for Little Red Riding Hood, planting a community garden for Jack and the Beanstalk, and building houses for 3 Little Pigs.

Each of us divvied up our parts of the project and checked in on Wednesday via Google Groups. We’ve helped each other with language, ideas, and setting up the Prezi presentation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this idea develop. We even agreed that this would make an awesome reading program in real life!

It wasn’t terribly difficult to source the materials for the project. They were all located on Amazon for me and the ladies found their materials from various places. We came in under budget and tackled the description of the library quickly. Our project took wings quickly. We’ve been working on Prezi and are all pleased with how nicely it’s turned out. They advised me to pare down some of the text because of time issues. I appreciated all of their feedback and took it. We had a great working relationship and bounced ideas off of each other in class, laughing and then lights would go off. The Makerspace project is the first group project that has FELT like a group project. Instead of one person doing all the work and the rest providing minimum help. The collaboration button on Prezi let us work together, in real time, on the presentation and that was beneficial. The three of us complimented each other on the skills we each brought to the table and how that helped transform our project into something really special. I liked working with them because they work in public libraries, not school libraries, and that provided me with a totally different perspective about what programs libraries can offer.

With regards to the Digital Storytelling assignment, we chose to continue on with our theme and each of us took a fairy tale: picture book, easy chapter book, and a YA book. I can’t wait to work with them again for this next project!

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