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"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin

Post a reflection to your blog in which you reflect on the process you used to create your brochure. Some prompts to consider if you need reflection ideas: Why did you choose the resources(s) that you chose? Why did you choose the format that you chose? What considerations went into the application you used to create your brochure? How will your product help you better serve your patrons? Include screen shots of your brochure as part of your post.

I love using Canva! It literally makes me feel like a graphic designer. My final submission was a 3rd generation creation… Too much overthinking… Too much color blocking… Too much text… You get the picture.

I’ve been teaching for 17 years and it does not matter how many books I’ve read or listened to, there are books kids ask about and I have no idea where to point them. Our district’s library system doesn’t provide any insight for Read-Alikes, like Amazon and Goodreads provides for their users. And, how freaking helpful would it be to have a database that does that for you- especially when your school is probably already subscribed to EBSCO… Hence, I present to you: NoveList! What a fantastic resource this is! If you haven’t watched the tutorials, I encourage you to do- it’s so helpful and completely mind blowing!

The brochure talking up NoveList is helpful and easily understandable for kids and parents. Let me know your thoughts!
Subscription Database Brochure NoveList (1)

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