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"A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives" George R.R. Martin



Craft a second blog post in which you reflect on the process you used to explore the different blogging sites. Why did you choose the one that you submitted? How does it work as part of your developing PLN? How will it help you better serve your patrons?


Well, I’ve tried blogging before, but I lost interest. And, honestly, I don’t remember the platform of that other blog… So, if you see me floating around in cyberspace, remember to wave!

A friend of mine is a writer. I shared this prompt with her, along with all of the other blog platforms and she insisted I create a WordPress account because she was happy with hers. Not being one to rock the proverbial boat, I signed up and here I am!

The creation of the site was easy enough. There are scads of layouts and so many little things I’ll fine-tune as I move through this process, but being part of the “interwebs” has always struck me as being a little narcissistic… I know… I know… Everyone has something to say and the right to say it… Except, sometimes, what they say is dumb. Or racist. Or boring. But, I, too, have a voice and because we had to create a blog account, here I sit… Fingers tapping away. Trying to be witty. And kind. And interesting.

By expressing my viewpoint and being open to receiving feedback, commentary, discussion building, I will do my level best to interact with my students, my peers, and my patrons. By keeping my curation boards (strictly Pinterest, if we’re being honest) current and relevant, I figure I can continue to grow my community- both locally and globally. This is a great platform to meet like-minded individuals doing the best they can to keep up with the ever-changing state of education and those who are helpful enough to throw out lifesavers to struggling educators.

Yours in Hopefully Not-So-Narcissistic Blogging,


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